How can I find job vacancies for 2X?

Head on over to the careers section of our website and you’ll be able to find a comprehensive list of all the current job vacancies we have, as well as job descriptions and qualifications. Alternatively, we’ve got links on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages to open job vacancies as well.

I’ve submitted my job application, what is the next step?

Sit tight, once our recruitment team finds a good fit for you, we will reach out to invite you for an interview. In the meantime, brush up on your interview skills so you’re ready to prove to us that you’ve got what it takes to be part of the 2X family.

How can I check the status of my application?

Upon receiving your application, a link to Jobvite will be emailed to you where you’ll be able to track your application in real time. Jobvite is an applicant tracking system that we use to manage candidates and the recruitment process. Through Jobvite you’ll be able to track the status of your application, from initial screening to final offer. Please note that if you can’t find this e-mail in your inbox, it may be in your junk folder.

How many interview stages do I need to go through?

We have three stages in our interview process:

1. A video interview, where you record yourself answering a simple question.

2. Once the hiring manager approves your application, you’ll get an invitation for an interview. When candidates do well at the interview stage, they would get an invitation to undertake an assessment.

3. The assessment varies for different roles, and they mimic the experience you would encounter while working at 2X in these roles. Most assessments are case study based of real-life business challenges we have encountered and solved.

However, for Writers and Designer candidates, stage two is slightly different. Once the hiring manager approves, an assessment is given as a pre-interview test. Candidates that do well in the pre-interview test get an invitation for interview. No further assessment is given for Writer and Designer candidates after the interview stage.

While three stages may sound like a lot, the average time taken to complete all is about two weeks depending on candidate availability. So you are in charge of how fast this goes!

What should I expect during the interview?

Think of the interview as more of a conversation; we want to get to know you as much as you want to get to know us. Instead of us bombarding you with questions, we encourage applicants to ask us questions too.

Do you provide internship positions?

Of course! Internships are just as important as any other role at 2X. Our interns are provided with the best possible training and expertise to help develop their professional skills. They learn and work within our client teams to deliver work in either demand generation, data enrichment and analysis, market intelligence, research, etc.

In addition, interns are free to explore our different teams and are encouraged to work with them in order to optimize and make full use of their time with us. Internship positions are subject to availability, please send an email to Ask@2x.marketing. As we regularly get inquiries for internship, we may not be able to respond to every inquiry.

How long after applying can I expect to wait before hearing anything?

It will take two weeks to complete the entire application process; however, if you’re shortlisted you will hear back within one business day. Similarly, if you are rejected you will also get a notice within one business day.